Zigwear Faux Fashion and Appearel

(photo: Dwayne Walker, wearing a Zigwear coat, with Ashley Cartier and Matilda the Hun from the cult 80’s TV show, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)

Welcome to the world of ZIGWEAR FAUX FUR COATS & APPEAREL.This is the place where your fashion dreams become a reality! Whenever I’m out on the town , like in the above photo at the Orange County premiere of GLOW: the story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, that’s what I’m always wearing!

This promo for the Hollywood company features an interview with Zigwear creator and designer, Terry Christenson. Madame Sunset and her Hollywood Kittens (from the walkertown.com banner at the top of this page) are the featured models!

Zigwear: http://zigwear.com

Madame Sunset: https://www.facebook.com/MadameSunset