Eternal Vampiricus – 1999

Vampiricus was an experience that occured near the docks in Long Beach, California. It was produced by Blade Rhino.

George Metivier was a photographer who spent quite a few evenings at Vampiricus capturing the happenings and, on occasion, some of the attendants became his models.

George has since passed away. There was not one obituary in the Long Beach Press Telegram. The only notice was this mention in the Panama Canal Society newsletter:

George Metivier of Long Beach, Calif., recently passed away. He graduated from BHS in 1951. He owned his own photography business which allowed him to use his art training. He authored several books and exhibited his works widely. He was a member of the Panama Canal Society.

This slideshow is a direct scan from Eternal Vampircus, the scrapbook George kept from that era of the late 90s.

The music is from Babylonian Tiles.

Outside of, none of the links in this slideshow are currently on-line.

Scanned and edited by Dwayne Walker

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